Zelman Lew

Contemporary realist artist Zelman Lew creates works that are a compelling investigation into the visual language of personalities.

Utilizing a complex layering of colour and form Zelman seeks to find his own language within the vocabulary of painted imagery.

While in keeping with the long-standing tradition of flowers as symbols associated with femininity his paintings reveal unique individual personalities using flowers and plants merging into shapes to create a recognizable but quirky portrait.


Selected solo exhibitions

2019 Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, VIC

2019 The Other Art Fair, Sydney, NSW

2018 Qdos Gallery, Lorne, VIC

2018 Crowther Contemporary, Docklands, VIC

2008 Dukes Gallery, VIC

2006 Wine and Roses, Manyung Gallery, VIC

2005 Time and Place, Gasworks Art Park, VIC

2001 Warwick Regional Art Gallery, QLD

1999 Mooloolaba Gallery, QLD

1997 Scent of a Woman, Budds beach Gallery, QLD

1995 Watling Gallery, QLD

1985 Australian Craft Gallery, QLD

Selected group exhibitions

2020 Jackman Gallery, VIC

2019 Jackman Gallery, VIC

2018 Bayside Art Gallery, VIC

2018 Jackman Gallery, VIC

2017 Jackman Gallery, VIC

2017 Bald Archy, Travelling Exhibition

2017 Brunswich Street Gallery, VIC

2017 Linded Postcart Art Prize, VIC

2014 Glenferrie Manyung Gallery, VIC

2013 Mt Eliza Manyung Gallery, VIC

2009 Flanagan Art Prize, Ballarat, VIC

2009 Belle Artie, Chapman and Bailey, VIC

2008 Dukes Gallery, Southbank VIC

2007 Delshan Gallery, VIC

2005 Discovery Art Show, Gasworks Art Park, VIC

2001 Border Art Prize, Tweed River Art Prize, NSW

2000 Warwick Art Prize, QLD

2000 Schubert Gallery, QLD

1999 Tweed Valley Art Prize, NSW

1999 Conrad Jupiters art Prize, QLD

1999 Museaum of the History of Moscow.

1997 Hibiscus Gallery, Tas

1996 Coast Cult, City Art Gallery, QLD

1995 Tweed Valley Art Prize, NSW

1995 Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award, QLD

1995 Travelling Exhibition Japan

1995 Schubert Gallery, QLD

1994 Redcliffe Art Show, NSW

1994 Noosa art Show, QLD

1994 Fishers Ghost Art Award

1988 Gold Coast City Art Gallery

1985 SGIO Art Award, QLD

1984 Through the eyes of artists, Gold Coast City Council Chambers, QLD

1984 SGIO Art Award, QLD

1984 Gold Coast Art Prize, QLD

1984 Schubert Gallery, QLD

1982 SGIO Art Award, QLD

1982 Schubert Gallery, QLD

1978 Print Council of Australia Travelling Exhibition

Awards and acquisitions

2001 Border Art Prize, Tweed art Gallery, NSW

2000 Warwich Art Prize, Popular Choice Award, QLD

1999 Paradise Arts Awards, QLD

1999 Tweed Valley Art Prize, NSW

1998 Bush to Beach art Prize, QLD

1984 SGIO Art Award, QLD


Print Council of Australia

Suncorp / SGIO QLD

Tweed river Regional Art Gallery, QLD Portrait of Pat Corrigan AM, Blues for Pat

Tweed river Refional Art Gallery, QLD, Inaugural winner of the Border art Prize

Robina Land Corporation QLD

Rockampton Regional art Gallery QLD

Private collections in Austaia, USA, England and Israel