Tomek Sikora

“Flying to Morocco…”

A fairy tale… How else could you describe a space made up of elements known only from fables and films? It is a kind of fiction, a theatre with actors presenting the humdrum of their lives in their own set design, using exceptional forms. Raising their heads and smiling, they shout at me: Ali Baba! How are you? Then they disappear in the abyss of murky Middle Ages.

I have registered these phantoms day by day, and night by night, as they appeared in light and ambience that I recalled from my childhood fantasies. I hurried to steal as many images as possible before that beautiful dream was gone.

—Tomek Sikora, Morocco 2006


Solo exhibitions

2007 TRANSPARENCY OF THINGS, Galeria BWA Polland, Bielsko Biala

2007 Morocco, Rudolfv Gallery Holland, Amsterdam

2007 PIGS‘ TALES, Galeria VV Poland, Warszawa

2007 PRZEJRZYSTOSC RZECZY, Muzeum Narodowe Poland, Szczecin

2006 Photography THAT MOVES – film festival Poland, Wroclaw

2006 FLYING TO Morocco, Galeria 65 Polska, Warszawa

2006 WALLS THAT SPEAK, Galeria Nizio Polska, Warszawa

2006 FLYING TO Morocco, Galeria VV Poland, Warszawa

2005 Tomek Sikora - Fotografia, Polish Cultural Institute Bulgaria, Sofia

2005 TRANSPARENCY OF THINGS, Stary Browar Poland, Poznan

2005 FOTOMEMUAR, Luksfera Poland, Warszawa

2005 SYMBIOSIS, 6 Images Gallery Holland, Amsterdam

2005 POLISH PROVERBS, Galeria VV & Galeria Focoff Poland, Warszawa

2004 ODD MATCH, Galeria FF Poland, Lódz

2004 MAGICAL PLACE, Alchemia Poland, Krakow

2004 PROMISED LAND, Fabryka Trzciny Poland, Warszawa

2004 PROMISED LAND, Skulpture Hus Sweden, Stockholm

2004 ZJAWY, Galeria Kontynenty Poland, Warszawa

2004 Tomek Sikora, Photography, Jackman Gallery Australia,Melbourne

2003 ODD MATCH, JM Gallery, Holland, Amsterdam

2003 IN THE SHADOW OF Paris, Galeria Strefa Poland, Warszawa

2003 Tomek Sikora - Fotografia, Polish Cultural Institute Bulgaria, Sofia

2003 SYMBIOSIS, Jackman Gallery Australia, Melbourne

2002 TRANSPARENCY OF THINGS, Instytut Polski Sweden, Stockholm

2002 MINAL ROK, Galeria Karowa Poland, Warszawa

2002 SECOND SKIN,Galeria Miedzy Nami Poland, Warszawa

2002 Tomek Sikora, Photography, Jackman Gallery Australia, Melbourne

2001 FACIAL COLLECTION, Galeria Miedzy Nami Poland, Warszawa

2001 SLEEPING, Galeria Swiatynia Diany Poland, Warszawa

2000 PEOPLE FROM MY NEIGHBOURHOOD, Galeria ZPAF Poland, Warszawa

2000 CYPRUS, Galeria Biblioteka UW Poland, Warszawa

2000 MY AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS, Galeria Miedzy Nami Poland, Warszawa

2000 TRANSPARENCY OF THINGS, Eastwick Gallery USA, Chicago

2000 IMAGES, Jackman Gallery Australia,Melbourne

1999 TRANSPARENCY OF THINGS, Contemporary Art Centre Poland,Warszawa

1999 ODD COUPLES, Jackman Gallery Australia,Melbourne

1998 NIE DO PARY, NIE DO WIARY, Mala Galeria ZPAF Poland, Warszawa

1997 TOMASZ Sikora, Galeria Kodak Poland, Warszawa

1997 TOMASZ Sikora - Fotografia Autorska, Galeria ZPAF Poland, Krakow

1996 ZACHOWAC TWARZ, Galeria ZPAF Poland,Warszawa

1989 BEHIND THE LIGHT, Girgis&Klym Gallery Australia,Melbourne

1984 T. Sikora & C. LA ROQUE, Graphic Illusion Gallery Australia, Melbourne

1983 BLACK & WHITE IN COLOUR, Seal Club Gallery Australia,Melbourne

1982 TOUCHING TIME, Ministry for the Arts Australia,Melbourne

1980 ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Galeria Wielka 19 Polska, Poznan

1979 ALBUM (z Marcinem Mroszczakiem), Authors’ Gallery Holandia, Amsterdam

1977 PROPOZYCJE, Galeria ZPAF Polska, Warszawa

1972 Sikora-FOTOGRAFIA, Galeria MPiK Poland, Warszawa

1970 PEOPLE, Palac Szustra Poland, Warszawa

Group exhibitions

1994 PAAS Gallery USA,New York

1988 INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR Australia, Sydney

1984 T. Sikora & C. LA ROQUE, Graphic Illusion Gallery Australia,Melbourne

1981 PhotographIE POLONAISE 1900-1981, Centre Pompidou France, Paris

1980 FOTOGRAFIA POLSKA 1839-1979, Galeria Zacheta Poland, Warszawa

1980 POLISH Photography 1839-1979, White Chapel Gallery England,London

1980 XI BIENNALE DE Paris, Musee d’Art Moderne France, Paris

1980 FOTOGRAFIA-SZTUKA MITU, Galeria ZPAF Poland, Wroclaw

1980 ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Galeria Wielka 19 Poland, Poznan

1979 POLISH Photography 1839-1979, Intern.Center of Photography USA, New York

1979 ALBUM (with Marcin Mroszczak) Authors’ Gallery Holland, Amsterdam