Rosi Griffin

Rosi Griffin’s current paintings represent a journey to the places that form part of her identity and the emotions and experiences associated with it. Places can have a very powerful influence in forming and understanding who we are. We can travel with our imagination and relive experiences just by looking at a map and compensate for the feeling of distance and displacement.

We all identify with places in a particular way and associate certain memories with it. Maps are an absolute necessity in our daily life, they allow us to travel and orientate ourselves.

These images are emotional maps without giving away any information about specific locations and therefore make no sense in the traditional way. Ultimately they are topographical brainteasers because you – the viewer wonders where you are; looking from above or within?

All characters and numbers that normally appear on a map have been eliminated and the images have turned into an interplay of how the place is perceived by the artist. All paintings have various layers of colour, like layers of memory, shapes and lines that accumulate into a mass. These works can be seen as maps of roads or highways, but they can also be seen as internal networks like blood vessels flowing through the human body.

The viewer can wander in these spaces, take any particular path, connect and diverge. There is no home, no departure point and no arrival point.


Solo exhibitions

2010 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda

2008 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda

2006 Yering Station Gallery, Yarra Glen

2004 Yering Station Gallery, Yarra Glen

2003 Markthotel, Marktschwaben, Germany

2003 Schlossgut, Oberambach, Germany

2002 Galerie Meiwald, Munich

2001 Orange Room 17, Munich

2000 Reflections on Mailing, Melbourne

Group exhibitions

2010 Linden Postcard Show

2010 Toorak Village Sculpture Show

2008 Alliance Francais

2008 Linden Postcard Show

2007 Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn

2007 Galerie Meiwald, Munich

2007 Latrobe College Gallery

2006 Linden Post Card Show

2006 Walker St. Gallery Dandenong Art Centre

2006 Latrobe College Gallery

2006 Beechworth Fine Art

2006 Bundoora Homestead Art Gallery

2005 Canterbury Primary School Art Show

2005 Galerie Meiwald, Munich

2004 Mohr Villa, Freimann, Munich

2001–04 Galerie Meiwald, Munich

1999 Meat Market, Melbourne