Peter Horak

Peter Horak was one of Melbourne’s successful young artists during the mid seventies and early eighties. A 1978 Bachelor of Arts graduate from the design and art department, Caulfield Institute of Technology (as it was then named).

Peter’s unique painting style captured the attention of several leading Melbourne galleries including Realities, Powell Street and Christine Abrahams. His exhibitions in those galleries attracted a good number of important buyers, including The National Gallery of Victoria, Art Bank, Launceston Regional Gallery and Hooker Real Estate. Peter Horak is also represented in private collections in Tokyo, Singapore, Prague and throughout Australia.

In the mid eighties, Peter chose to put his art career on hold so he could raise his two very young daughters without the support of a partner. But he never really stopped painting and twenty years later he was ready for the most important solo exhibition of his life exhibiting in his home town of Bratislava. Since then he has continued to exhibit both locally and internationally.

Horak’s new works are re-designs of nature and landscape, both rural and urban representations in the abstract. His style incompasses ouevres such as post impressionism and pointilism and even cubism yet is completely and uniquely all his own. His inspiration both the rural villages and urban cities of his native home. Horak‘s canvases are full of energy and almost playful but at the same time encompass a darker more contemplative mood that expresses the turmoil of his heritage.



1978 Bachelor of Arts (Design) Caulfield Institute of Technology

Selected exhibitions

2011 Zidovske Museum, Prague

2010 Zidovske Museum, Bratislava

2006 Pollock Gallery, VIC

1992 Peninsula Gallery, VIC

1990 Realities Gallery, VIC

1988 Tom Silver Gallery, VIC

1986 Realities Gallery, VIC

1985 Powell St Gallery, VIC

1983 Richmond Hill Gallery, VIC

1982 Newman Gallery, VIC

1981 Powell St Gallery, VIC

1979 Powell St Gallery, VIC

Group exhibitions

2004 Zidovske Museum, Australia

2001 Cotham Gallery, VIC

1987 Williamstown Gallery, VIC

1985 Newman Gallery, VIC

1984 Dandenong Artist Society Gallery, VIC

1980 Peninsula Gallery, VIC


National Gallery of Victoria

Launceston Regional Gallery, Tasmania

Art Bank

Private collections in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tel Aviv and Australia.