Mark Farrelly

Influenced by artists such as the Starn Twins, Farrelly is interested in pushing the boundaries of photography technically and physically. The work is not ‘perfect’—multiple prints form a single image as the photographs are often cut and collaged together. Digital technology gives the photographer greater control over the content of the image. His most recent work for ‘Vietnam by Night’ is inspired by a recent trip Farrelly took to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a photographer’s paradise ... During the day the street is alive with people, all trying to make a living; it is hot, there are cars, motor-bikes, and bicycles, carts and people everywhere. The frantic traffic is one thing that defines your experience in Vietnam, along with the constant hooting of horns.

During the night the atmosphere changed, people were winding down after a hard day. I realized that the culture was different at night than during the day. While the streets were still busy, people were taking some rest, socializing, eating in the cafes, also, travelling back home after a long hard day working or studying. The traffic was busy but less than in the day.

I noticed the lights from the cars on the bike riders, highlighting their shapes in the darkness and I decided to shoot out-of-focus which made the tones blur into one another—the end result being a dream-like look to the images. I wanted to take the everyday experience, riding around town, and transform it through my work into an image of beauty, capturing the colour and movement in a different way.

The nightlife is rich and wonderful; the night scenes jump out from the darkness of the shadows, and the tones and saturation of the colours illuminate the streets. I contrasted these images from the other by shooting them in focus. They are like still life scenes, still moments, in bustling city life.

—Mark Farrelly, 2012

Like a painter, Farrelly is able to create an image that represents his feelings and world view, rather than using the camera to merely document. The use of paint further blurs the line between the real and imagined worlds as the image extends beyond the edge of the photograph.


Solo exhibitions

2012 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne

2010 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Halycon Days 2

2009 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Halycon Days

2009 Williamstown Festival Award, Melbourne, Finalist

2008 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Architecture of Light

2007 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Private Lives

2007 Williamstown Art Prize, Finalist

2006 Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melbourne, Interiors

2004 Hermon & Hermon, Richmond

2003 Dante's Gallery, Fitzroy, Quiet Spaces

2000 Roar Gallery, Fitzroy, Behold the Moment

1998 Vivid Image Gallery, Fitzroy

1997 Roar Gallery, Three for All

1997 CCP Summer Salon exhibition

1997 Daimaru Gallery, Melbourne, Chimerical Vistas

1996 Spleen Gallery, Melbourne, Vespers

1996 Convent Gallery, Daylesford

1996 Gary McEwan Gallery, St Kilda Group Exhibitions

1995 RMIT Graduate exhibition

1995 The Lounge, Melbourne Fringe Festival

1993 RMIT Group Exhibition

1992 Bright Bay Technical College, Graduate exhibition


2009 Williamstown Festival Contempory Art Prize, Highly Commended

2009 Moran Photographic Prize, Semi Finalist

1997 Marylands House Portraiture Competition, Second prize

1997 Kino/Smoke Competition: Street Scapes of Melbourne, Finalist

1996 Cafe Provincial Photography, Winner (Published in calendar)

1995 Melbourne Town Hall, Images of Melbourne, First prize photography