Ivan Lovatt

As a child Ivan was drawn to all forms of artistic expression. He has worked in many mediums trying to explore each to its potential. He finds the hands on reality of sculpture to be his favorite form. Nature and natural forms are his greatest passion. For the past two years he has been working with driftwood and aged timbers, and has created a sizeable collection of works, mostly inspired by the Australian wildlife. Ivan’s versatility and adaptability are clearly demonstrated by his return to using chicken wire, a medium that lends itself to the sensitivity and delicacy of his expression.

Ivan’s work is characterised by his ingenuity and innovation, which motivates him to find new and interesting ways to capture his love of nature and his fascination of humanity. While his first love is working with natural materials, he finds that wire gives him a broader spectrum of possibilities, and still allows him to capture the same spirit and energy that his drift wood art epitomises.

Ivan's work has won numberous awards since 2006 and is also represented in Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" Museums in USA, UK and Australia.