Gillian Warden

I find my paintings hard to accept for what they might be saying about me. My scrapbooks are weighty with disparate images of moody atmospheres, drama, fragility, melancholia, loneliness and despair. I find them beautiful…

I bend to optimism by combining these images with others more sanguin, stitching together something poignant and new without destroying the precious nature of them.

I have learned that Paint has a mind of its own so painting is also collaborating. I am never sure if a work is succeeding so I toil to convince myself that it is. A painting always looks terrible until it is suddenly sublime and the change can happen in seconds. The transformative process is crucial, for what emerges is always far more original than my preconception.

—Gillian Warden 2010


Solo exhibitions

2010 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2008 'Party Animals' Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2008 'Cat On The Island' Book Launch/Exhibition, Delshan Gallery

2007 'Paintings For Robin' Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2006 'Show + Tell' Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2005 'Mystery Tour' Gallery East WA

2003 'Parade' Gallery East WA

1998 'Wish' Moores Building, Fremantle

1993 Artshouse Gallery, Perth

1992 The Drillhall Arts Centre, London

1991 Mildred's, London

1990 Artshouse Gallery, Perth

Selected group exhibitions

2008 'The Affordable Art Fair' Melbourne Exhibition Centre

2006 Landscape, Delshan Gallery, Melbourne

2005 New Artists, Melbourne Fine Art Gallery

2003 The Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Centre

2002 'Exhibition of Form' Delshan Gallery, Melbourne

2002 'The Art of Refuge' The Moores Building, Fremantle

2001 'Uglieland' Fremantle Arts Centre

2000 'Ho Ho Ho' AFWA members exhibition, Moores Building, Fremantle

1999 'Quotes; Appropriation as subtext' Perth College

1998 Preselected for the Moet & Chandon

1998 '#10' Old Customs House tenth anniversary exhibition

1998 'Being' Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth

1998 Albany Art Award, Vancouver Arts Cenre, Albany

1997 'Stiletto' Hellenic Gallery, Museum of W.A.

1997 '#9' Old Customs House Artists, Moores Building, Fremantle

1996 'One World' Vast Gallery, Perth

1996 '#8' Old Customs House Artists, Moores Building, Fremantle

1996 'Queer In the West' Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

1996 Mandorla Art Award, Moores Building, Fremantle

1995 'Paradise in a scrapyard' Fremantle Arts Centre

1995 Albany Art Award, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany

1995 '#7' Old Customs House Artists, Moores Building, Fremantle

1994 'Cat lovers' Pakenhams, Fremantle

1994 Albany Art Award, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany

1994 'Masquerade' Park Gallery, Perth

1994 '#6' Old Customs House Artists, Moores Building, Fremantle

1992 'Sea containers international' Amsterdam

1991 Zeppelin Gallery, Amsterdam

1989 'Picture This' Art Gallery of Western Australia

1989 Paint for Peace, Artemis collective, Fremantle

1988 'No second thoughts' Artemis collective, Fremantle

1987 'Praxis triptych show' Praxis Gallery, Fremantle

1986 'Paint for Peace' Film and TV Institute, Fremantle

1986 'Inner City Living' Brixton Gallery, London

Major collections

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Australian Capital Equity Collection

City of Wanneroo

Royal Perth Hospital


St John of God Hospital