Current feature artist

Christopher Headley

Christopher Headley, born in York, England, began his art education at York School of Art and majored in ceramics at the Central School of Art, London, graduating in 1973. At twenty-one, he traveled overland to Australia with his partner, Jenny, eventually settling there. He established a ceramic studio in Sydney before moving to Adelaide to join the vibrant art scene. Headley earned a Master’s degree from the Canberra School of Art and a PhD from Monash University. He has exhibited extensively, completed significant public art projects, and lectured at numerous Australian institutions, including Monash University.

Since the pandemic, Headley has focused on painting from his Melbourne studio. Transitioning from ceramics to oils, he explores new and earlier ideas, combining direct observation with narrative elements. His work captures dynamic forms, light, and space, engaging viewers with its enigmatic and universal themes.